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Biologic dentistry encourages the use of non-toxic restoration materials for dental work, and focuses on the unrecognized impact that dental toxins and hidden dental infections can have on your overall health. Our team recognizes the close connection between dental health and the individual's nutrition, immune system, and the nervous system. Our goal is to support the beautiful balance between your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

We do offer local anesthetic and will thorougly review your health history to determine your needs. Your comfort is our top priority!

Dr. Simmons is currently providing CeraRoot implants, a non-metal implant that does not interfere with the body's meridian energy flow. Not all patients have a supporting circumstance for dental implants. The Holistic Dental Center completes one on one consults with Dr. Simmons to primarily consider this tooth replacement option, you may request this time with Dr. Simmons at any stage of treatment.

No, we do not perform root canal therapy as a holistic/ biological dental center. If you have an abscessed tooth, we provide oral surgery procedures to remove the tooth from your oral condition. If you wish to have a root canal, we will refer you to a trusted colleague.

The Holistic Dental Center is a proud supporter of Magic Mud Tooth Powder. This black powder is activated coconut shell charcoal, organic orange peel extract, organic mint, and bentonite clay. This product supply's benefits for tooth sensitivity and immediate whitening. Remember your teeth will absorb colors from the diet you follow; ie: wine, tea, berries. Many of our patients and staff achieve whitening results from coconut oil pulling!

Periodontal problems can become quite serious and extremely advanced without pain. Not all disease is accompanied with a painful symptom. And often times you may be feeling the symptoms associated with gum disease and you don't recognize it. Painful gums and loose teeth are significant signs to be assessed for periodontal disease. It is so important to be attentive to the all the warning signs - bleeding gums when brushing and flossing, swollen gums, receded gums, teeth changing position, pus or swelling around gums - to name a few. Eighty-five percent of our population suffers from periodontal disease. Please remember to reserve your routine teeth cleaning and exam, so we may help you maintain your oral health.

Biological dentists treat dental problems in a variety of ways. They emphasize the conservation of all healthy tooth material and employ the latest techniques of bio-energetic medicine, including neural therapy, oral acupuncture, cold laser therapy, homeopathy, mouth balancing, and nutrition. These dentists should recognize the connection between dental health and the entirety of the whole body, they should be very concerned about the dental materials being used, they should know about bone cavitations, balanced nutrition, and safety and treatment for previously root canaled teeth. Dr. Simmons is board certified by the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine; and a member of the Holistic Dental Association and the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

Holistic dentists, such as Dr. Simmons and Dr. Ireland, should be deeply concerned about the intimate connection between dental health and nutrition contributing to whole-body health. Dr. Weston Price explored this subject in a classic book entitled Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. The teeth require many minerals, including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese, boron and perhaps others as well. These minerals are missing from refined foods that our population is exposed to daily. Refined sugars, white flour and white rice, for example, contain little if any of these essential trace minerals. Sugar in the diet feeds bacteria in the mouth that cause plaque and can destroy the teeth. Acidic soda drinks can damage tooth enamel. Phosphoric acid in these drinks also binds and removes calcium, magnesium and zinc from the body. This can lead to bone loss, a common problem today. Eating fruit is also damaging for the teeth in many cases due to the combination of its high sugar content and fruit acids. Our Doctors will always take into account your daily habits and diet to correlate the existing dental condition, including evaluation of acid erosion. Often times this attention to detail brings forth a solution to many of our patients dental issues.

Tooth extractions are necessary to remove non-restorable or infected teeth from the oral cavity. It is important to know about the periodontal ligament that experiences destruction from periodontal abscesses, as well as the supporting bone structure. This is why a holistic extraction is important. During the extraction procedure, our Doctors will remove all diseased tissues along with the non-restorable tooth. The outstanding difference in a tooth extraction lies in the education of removing surrounding diseased tissues, if left in tact, it will only slow or inhibit total healing. Unresolved infections lead to chronic degenerative diseases throughout the body, depressing the immune system. The intensity of a tooth extraction is unpredictable; mentor-ships, education, and experiences guide the doctors in the oral surgery process to ensure the patient is properly cared for. Patients will be provided cold laser treatment in the chair to increase successful healing, along with home care instructions and the comfort healing protocol.

  • The bacterial toxins associated with dead teeth is the first of many issues correlated with root canals.
  • Another concern is the various materials used to fill the pulp chamber of the tooth once the root canal has been completed.
  • Yet another negative affect is the relationship between the root canaled tooth and the bio-energetic flow to the internal organs associated with that tooth. Please refer to the interactive meridian chart.

The root canal dangers significantly impact an individuals whole-body health. The rationale for root canals is that if a tooth is dying or not healthy, it is better to leave it in place and try to save it, rather than pull it out. The problem is that these "dead" or dying root-canal filled teeth are extremely prone to infection. The infection is often not detected on X-rays, and goes unnoticed. However, chronic infection anywhere in the body releases highly toxic substances that are terribly damaging to ones health. Our Doctors agree with Dr. Weston Prices' concern of the outdated practice of destroying the nerve in a tooth to stop pain. The Holistic Dental Center strives for early detection of dental disease in order to prevent a tooth from dying. Dr. Simmons and Dr. Ireland come against the traditional root canal method daily and they promote patients to choose the best option for their overall body and primarily advise removal of a dead tooth.

It is important in our dental center that we provide safe mercury removal as well as a detox protocol to ensure patients are treated correctly. Many professionals can remove the toxic filling material but do not take the necessary precautions to minimize harmful affects to the patient.

Below is our office Mercury Removal Protocol.

  • Acute Rescue homeopathic administered prior to procedure.
  • BiFlo Nasal Hood to provide patients with an alternative air source.
  • Eye protection from debris and liquid splatter.
  • Latex-Free dental dam to guard mucosa from direct contact with mercury.
  • IAOMT's Clean-up device during actual mercury removal.
  • Copious amounts of water and high volume suction.

Following is the Healthy You whole-body detox protocol.

The following information has been provided by Healthy You.

The Healthy You Detox Center is located in the south wing of our building for easy access to our visiting patients.

Amalgam fillings, made of mercury and other junk metals, bathe your brain and digestive tract in mercury. Mercury is the 2nd most toxic element on earth, second to plutonium. There are two significant ways that the amalgam dental fillings can cause damage to the biological make-up of our human core.

  1. Mercury vapor emitted from amalgam dental fillings passes readily through your cell membranes.
  2. Mercury leaches into the saliva and travels down our digestive tract.

Because the onset of the immune system gets initiated by the gut; the byproduct of mercury is swallowed into the digestive tract and blocks the body's major detoxification pathways: passage out through the GI tract.

Our mercury detox protocol involves therapies provided by the Healthy You Detox Center.

Listed below are the actions that have to take place to eliminate metal toxins from the body.

  1. Boost Your Glutathione Production
  2. Mobilize Mercury by Boosting Enzymes and Transport Proteins
  3. Capture & Eliminate Mercury with Intestinal Binders

Other Recommendations

  • Quit smoking
  • Garlic is especially powerful, but it's the oil of garlic that supports detoxification. Either eat the garlic raw being sure to fully chew the clove to release the oils or purchase a garlic oil supplement.
  • You must limit or avoid sugar, alcohol and caffeine.
  • Drink at least 3 liters of water per day, PH 7.4 or higher equals alkalinity.
  • Utilize a proper exercise and resting program.
  • Infrared saunas at 120° F for 20-30 minutes & immediate soapy scrub/rinse. Do not stay in sauna once you experience dizziness, disorientation, or fatigue. Recommending at least 6 treatments. Available at Healthy You!
  • Eat a good balance of fresh whole foods, eliminating processed and modified foods.
  • Eliminate all fish and seafood, including seafood products, especially tuna. One seafood meal per week can double the average mercury level in the blood.
  • Do not eat pork products.


Dosages vary with the individual and should be determined by a qualified health care provider based on tests and symptomology. The following is a partial list of vitamins, herbs, minerals and glandular supports that are often used in mercury detoxification. Vitamins A, E, C, amino acids (Cysteine and methionine), folic acid, digestive enzymes, fatty acids, iodine, zinc, magnesium, manganese, potassium, chromium, sulfur, glutathione peroxidace, B complex, garlic, CoEnzyme Q 10, germanium, black currant seed oil, thyroid, pituitary, and a number of herbs.

*It is important to know that high volumes of vitamin C can interfere with the profound affects of local anesthetic in some patients. You may consider reducing your vitamin C one to two days prior to dental visits.

Chlorella- Excellent binding agent for heavy metal removal, generally available at health food stores. Dosage of chlorella is, from a bottle of 100 capsules, one per day for one week, then two per day for one week, then three per day for one week, etc., up to seven per day until gone. The digestive intake of the pill form usually takes enormous quantities for many years to see benefits however you can prepare Chlorella into a mouth rinse. This will bind to any mercury that is coating your oral epithelium, normally prior to removal of metal restorations and post operative removal of mercury.

Safe And Effective Amalgam/Mercury Removal

We are proud to offer years of experience in safe mercury removal procedures and a staff which is unparalleled in the placement of metal-free restorations. Many patients seek out care in our office because they are experiencing the harmful side effects of mercury poisoning via amalgam fillings. It is amazing for those of us on staff to hear and see the difference that mercury removal can make on our patients health and wellness.

We request that you be seen for a comprehensive cleaning, exam and X-rays with our trained staff so we may create a treatment plan unique to your needs. We also utilize galvanic (electrical) readings to prioritize your mercury removals by replacing the amalgam fillings which are emitting the highest electrical currents first.

When removing mercury (amalgam) fillings, we use a latex-free dental-dam to eliminate harmful exposure to the mucosa and digestive tract. The doctor removes the old mercury fillings by sectioning them with a dental hand-piece with copious amounts of water and high volume suction. The doctor then removes all decay (which is nearly always present under amalgam fillings) and the tooth is then ready to be filled with composite resin.

We look forward to helping you achieve your optimal dental health and overall well-being. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

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