Benefits of Non-Metal Implants in Spokane, WA

Benefits of Non-Metal Implants in Spokane, WA

Getting dental implants is undoubtedly a big improvement for those who experience tooth loss. Some people lose their teeth as they age, either to certain medical conditions, accidents, or aging. No matter the cause, losing teeth makes it difficult for people to enjoy certain foods, which lowers their quality of life.

Their social life could also be impacted by tooth loss since they will become less comfortable engaging with others. Furthermore, losing teeth is universally regarded as a sign of poor dental hygiene. Because of this, many people feel upset at the possibility of losing their teeth and look for ways to find alternatives to get excellent, healthy teeth replacements.

Fortunately, a modern non-metal kind of implant is becoming more and more popular. Dental implants made of ceramic are totally and organically devoid of metal. So for anyone who didn’t get implants before because they are allergic to metal, you’re in luck! Dental implants without metal have come to save the day. Ceramic implants are the cutting-edge choice that offers patients a more natural answer to tooth replacement.

The Many Benefits Of Choosing Non-Metal Implants:


Ceramic implants are ivory-colored and look very much like teeth and roots in the bone and behind the gums. Even with some recession, the show-through beneath the gum is more natural. Ceramic is a naturally white material that is indistinguishable in gum recession, resulting in no undesirable gray tinges along the gum line. If you’re searching for the best-looking implants, ceramic implants are the more cosmetically pleasing choice, with little to no trace of a foreign tooth in the jaw, making them ideal for thin gums or bones.


Another significant benefit of ceramic implants is that they can be used by people who are sensitive to metal without causing any health problems. This is due to the fact that our metal-free implants are hypoallergenic, which enables even people with metal sensitivity to acquire this durable tooth replacement without experiencing any issues.


Ceramic implants have a minimal bacterial attraction, making it easier to have an implant that is both clean and healthy. Gum inflammation is less likely to happen since bacteria find it difficult to adhere to the ceramic surface of the implant.

Ceramic Implants – Your Best Choice!

People who need long-lasting, permanent tooth replacements can choose dental implants. The effectiveness of the procedure will give you the reassurance that you will be getting the best outcome, as determined by the dentists’ experience with implant procedures and their use of technology.

Considering getting non-metal dental implants? Ceramic implants are your best alternative for dental implants right now! Here at Optima Dental, nothing is more important to us than your health and comfort. If you’re looking to repair and upgrade your smile, you can be at peace knowing that our office provides non-metal dental implants. For a private consultation, get in touch with The Holistic Dental Center in Spokane, WA.

A more comfortable and confident smile for you is just a phone call away! Schedule a consultation with us today if you’re ready to receive dental care of the finest quality in a welcoming and safe environment.