What is Holistic Dentistry?

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Here are some basics:


  • NO Mercury
  • NO Metals
  • NO Fluoride
  • NO Junk Metals
  • NO Latex
  • NO Excess Radiation
  • NO Root Canals
  • NO Metal Implants
  • NO Invasive Dental Treatment

A holistic/biological dentist’s goal is to optimize oral as well as total body health. Attention to the prevention of oral disease is foremost.

Prevention = Nutrition, Oral Hygiene, and Stress Management

NOT Fluoride

Biocompatible dental restorations:

  • Non-metal fillings
  • Non-metal crowns and bridges
  • Non-metal partials

NOT Mercury, silver, copper, nickel, or junk metals

Healthy Facial Bone = ‘Holistic’ surgical techniques, identification, and treatment of osteonecrosis.

NOT Unnecessary drugs, dressings, or implants

Conservative treatment, patient education, and informed consent equal to patients’ right to choose.

If you have further questions about holistic dentistry, The Holistic Dental Center is more than happy to answer all your questions. Call us at (509) 557-7549 or visit our office at: 731 W. Indiana Avenue, Spokane WA 99205.